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Kotoko x Haiji HCs

Posted by smokylovesleonkuwata - May 16th, 2022


I feel as if I am Haiji, and considering Kotoko is my waifu, I tend to like Kotoko x Haiji :-)

This takes place in a non-despair Towa city, although, haiji still has his cast.

Alright, this is a lot so


Haiji is kinda a tsundere BF, although he loves Kotoko WAY more than he loves anyone.

Kotoko LOVES Haiji, shes hardly never sassy to him, if anything, she gets shy when he flirts with her. (he's not the typa flirty guy, but sometimes when he can, he does.)

Haiji is really hypersexual, but he doesn't do anything to her unless she wants it

Kotoko & Haiji are straight

Haiji kinda loves her farts

Haiji spoils her to DEATH, gives her everything she wants (unless its above 50 dollars, but sometimes he does for special days like birthdays or christmas)

Haiji uses baby-nicknames for kotoko like "my little kotoko" or "koko" or "pinky" and least of the time "cutie"

Kotoko still goes to school, Haiji walks with Kotoko to school. Sometimes if Kotoko has (that time of the month) accidents, Haiji just cleans it up with his mouth, although, its kinda embarassing for him.

Haiji decides what to dress Kotoko, Kotoko never usually gets to pick the outfits for herself, always Haiji.

Haiji was the one who got the swimsuit for Kotoko to wear for summer camp (or danganronpa S). Haiji didn't come considering most of the ultimates dont like him.

Although, Kotoko brang a phone that Haiji got for her for summer camp, just for updates and calls when shes alone in bed. Texting him aka.

Kotoko is usually relaxed when it comes to rain, but if its thundering and even having hail during thunderstorms, she usually sleeps in Haijis room, Kotoko has her own room, filled with lots of plushies and stuff for her own, but sometimes she decides to sleep with haiji. Even then, she enjoys it more when Haiji gets up instead and sleeps in her room with her.

Haiji REFUSES to say the g word, he would NEVER. not even if hes dominant towards her, he will never, ever say it. Its like that word never existed, he instead uses words like "smoothly, softly, slowly".

Kotoko sometimes wants to go to Sayaka Mazionos concerts, Haiji doesn't really want to, but he enjoys seeing her happy so, he takes her there anyway. He must say though, Kotoko's taste in music isn't bad.

When Kotoko wants to watch cartoons, she gets on his lap and they watch tv together, Haiji doesn't care about her eating chips or candy and/or drinking. Haiji has gotten used to cartoons and doesn't really find them annoying.

Haiji adopted Kotoko, Adult H decided to sale her and he really just wanted her, so really, hes kinda a guardian boyfriend.

The only people that really know about this are Monaca (who doesn't really like it) and Nagito (who is jealous but sometimes likes to hangout with Kotoko as well, he brings slime and they both play with it. Haiji cleans up afterwards.)

Haiji is really jealous.

Their both autistic.

Sometimes Kotoko will put her hair down, putting her ponytails up, specially when Haiji and Kotoko shower together. (they always do.)

Kotoko loves cartoons and kid-friendly stuff on youtube, although Haiji will sometimes get her into a girly anime there and there.

Kotoko can curse, she knows a lot of curse words, although sometimes she'll replace the words and say stuff like "fluff" or "heck". Honestly Haiji finds it adorable.

Kotoko is a pig when it comes to eating, she has a fupa. She worries about her weight and says stuff like "Haiji I might try to starve!" but really he just persuades her to eat more, not like he wants to force feed her, he just wants her to eat good enough, sure maybe her eating almost a whole pizza is kinda insane but, as long as shes happy. Haiji thinks she looks fine, he wouldn't care if she had gotten fat anyway, shes only 196 pounds and looks like 140.

Kotoko shaved "it" but it still has some hairs, Haiji doesn't care though.

Kotoko really wants a puppy or a kitty, Haiji is still thinking on it tho.

Haiji got her a kids ipad, Kotoko usually loves to play roblox, her avatar is a silly noob with a womans face. and she LOVES tycoons like princess tycoons.

Sorry for adding so much, kinda got overboard- :-p

If you got any Kotoko x Haiji HCs, please tell me in the comment section! I'd love to know :-)